21 avr. 2012

SOURCE 50% OFF SALE for Members Only

SOURCE has relocated and to reward our loyal customers, is having a Members Only sale. We are offering our "SOURCE Update Group" members a 50% discount off all items in the store for one week, from Saturday April 21st to Saturday April 28th.

Clear the place if you haven't done so yet!


⇢ PS: In order to benefit from this offer, please wear your "SOURCE Update Group" tag before making your purchase.

⇢ Not a member yet? Feel free to touch the group inviter located at the entrance or subscribe via the Subscribe-o-Matic kiosk to be the first to know about our next special offers.

Have a nice weekend,

                                                                                                    SOURCE Team.

14 juil. 2010

SOURCE Of Style n°1

●Worn: SOURCE-Pasties Bodysuit-Nude

SOURCE Mainstore.

15 juin 2010


Hi everyone!

we are entering this summer with a trendy and innovative collection,UN-THINKABLE.This collection includes two series:TRIANGLE™ for women and TRYAD for men.


This collection includes:

•TRIANGLE™ Pants:These pants are enhanced with hip pads that give them their special shape.The pads are decorated with sculpted screws and the leg bottoms are finished wih sculpted zippers.They come in several colors and patterns to fit your taste.

"SOURCE-Where TRIANGLE™ Pants were born..." :)

•TRIANGLE™ Jumpsuits:These jumpsuits are enhanced at the hips as well with sculpted screws around the pads.They come with add-on shoulder pads,that are decorated with sculpted screws and linked together with 4 rows of sculpted chains (3 at the front and 1 in the back). The jumpsuits have patches on the knees and sides for a classy yet edgy look.

•Geometric Bodysuits:These sexy bodysuits are patched on the sides and bottom and come with add-on screwed shoulder pads linked together with 4 rows of sculpted chains.Bodysuits come in all layers for best comfort.
Matching 4 fingers gloves are also included and are finished with sculpted screws at the finger tips.

•Pasties Bodysuits:This trompe-l'oeil bodysuit and its well placed pasties will have them look twice! Bodysuit comes in all layers for best comfort.Comes with matching 4 fingers screwed gloves.

•We also released two sets of 4 fingers screwed gloves and pasties in several colors,to fit your style and mood! The pasties come in undershirt,shirt and jacket layers.


This collection includes:

•TRYAD Outfit:This outfit comes in 4 colours,inspired by earth elements:sand,ground,chalk and coal.The shirt has a large rectangle patch on the front and the shoulder parts are enhanced with sculpted screws.We assorted it with matching baggy pants with large square patches on the lower front and on the back.

Both parts of this outfit are available separately,and in a few more color associations.

•For those of you who prefer regular pants,we also released the TRYAD patched pants.

•Print and Admiral shirts: Two different patterns for these shirts,for a casual or military look.They both have screwed shoulder pads,and attach pieces at the bottom of the sleeves,plus a double pocket on the chest.

We hope you enjoy all these new releases and wish you a great summer!

SOURCE Mainstore.

Alvin Sharple & Oliviah Inglewood,SOURCE Creators.

11 mars 2010

SOURCE Fashion Show, March 12th

We invite you to enjoy our latest collection and the previous ones at our show,on Friday,March 12th at 3 PM slt.

Come and see our latest releases hitting the runway at a NYC Block Party!!!

Hosted by D'ior Super Modeling Agency
Music by DJ Slidin

Landmark to the RUNWAY

Thank you!

25 févr. 2010

New @ SOURCE !

Hey everyone,we're back with a fresh new collection for the ladies!

▪ Aurora & Galaxy dresses
Both have sculpted gathers on the hips and come with shoulder pads serted with 3 different colors of studs : white or black/silver/gold to match all your accessories.The neck part is detailed by a sculpted metallic zipper.
Either you want a classy,sexy or cyber look,these trendy dresses will be your choice.

▪ Rock it! dresses
Express the punk in you with these tartan mini dresses! They have tartan and plain gathers on the top with a large ribbon on the front to bring out your cleavage.Both gathers and ribbon are detailed with golden metallic studs.Get yours now!

▪ Blackstooth and Whitestooth dresses
Houndstooth is always a reference for a classy look.These dresses have gathers and a ribbon in the front as well,which is detailed with 5 prim buttons.

All dresses come in jacket & shirt+pants layers.

▪ Patched leggings
Perfect to wear under a mini dress,skirt or shorts,these leggings have a lace waist detailed with a ribbon on the back and on the lower legs.The knees are styled up with rouched patches.The leggings come in pants & underpants layers.

▪ Bleached lace jeans
Still in the sexy punk spirit,these original jeans will surely get you noticed with their faded bleached colors.They have lace patches on the knees and a sculpted metallic 3 rows chain on the back pocket.

Thank you for shopping with us !

SOURCE Mainstore

20 sept. 2009

SOURCE New Release!

Hi all !

It's been a while since our latest release but we're back with new styles for you :)

▪ We're coming up with a mini-collection called 'Urban Angel'. It includes classy and sexy gathered catsuits and mini dresses,as well as destroy stylish jeans .

With this line we're offering you our own version of this fashion classic and must-have: the « Petite robe noire » (little black dress) in black of course AND white ;)

See pictures below:

The dresses are strapped with a sculpted chain and can be worn as is or combined with those grungy and all torn up jeans:

Both catsuits and jeans are detailed with a sculpted zipper at the bottom leg,on the side or on the back.

▪ For the MEN :

We're not forgetting about you,guys: you can match your sexy Urban Angel by wearing those grunge baggy jeans, splattered and ripped, with a sculpted chain on the back pocket:

You can find all these releases at SOURCE Mainstore : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Av%20Champs%20Elysees/85/31/32

Thank you and have a great week !

'SOURCE-Where Hip Hop Fashion Begins...'

13 août 2009

Midnight Mania!!! Round 2

Get one of our new releases in one exclusive color: Satin rouched top in Raspberry.Only 50 available!

Smack that board!!!